For over 20 years our company has developed environmentally friendly methods to treat and recycle second hand textiles. During this process, we make every effort to protect the environment.

After a careful selection, segregation and preliminary treatment we use in maximum extent all textiles to produce our wipers. The remaining waste is processed by a specialised company to be utilized in accordance with the Polish and EU legal requirements. We have all the necessary certificates, permits and approvals providing guarantees for the proper processing and disposal of the treated textiles.

We are a GREEN company !

Why it is important to recycle textiles?
A few facts !
Every year more than 1,500,000 tons of textile and clothing products is thrown away
In the EU textiles and clothing constitute about 8% of domestic waste
ONLY 20% of textile waste and cloths is recovered.
It is estimated that approximately 1,200,000 tonnes per year pollutes the natural environment.
Recycling creates jobs, protects the environment and reduces consumption of energy !
Our certificates, permits and approvals
Collection and processing of waste permit
Waste processing approval